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Hypertension say no to pills !!

Hypertension, say no to pills !!

April 11, 2020 4:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is measured by the pressure inside our arteries, which carry oxygen, nutrients, immunoglobulins, and other substances from one place to another. Requisitions for these may vary with tissues and organs at different times. The tissues undergoing repair or regeneration need more oxygen and nutrients. Injured cells need more anticoagulants, immune cells, infected tissues need more phagocytes, T cells etc.

As the situation varies, demand also varies. Our human body has an internal intelligence through which it senses and analyzes the urgency of a demand. Accordingly, it will act on the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, endocrine glands and other areas to make changes in our system to assist speedy recovery. High BP is also one such mechanism to sustain health.

Blood pressure may also go high when there is a fright or flight situation in our lives. When we were hunter-gatherers, this happened only while going hunting or during war. More BP means more glucose and more energy for the muscles. But in the modern world, we experience this almost every day in our homes, offices and streets. This results in a sustained stress situation, leading to sustained high BP. High blood pressure for prolonged periods is not good for organ systems.

Normal systemic blood pressure standards may also vary according to the geographical area of inhabitation. Researchers say that this is due to change in climate, life style, food patterns, psychology, etc.

In general, to meet the demands of our body, the system may itself create a higher blood pressure than a person normally has in his life. The blood pressure in certain families remains high, even if they are otherwise healthy. A person who does more physical work will have a higher BP than a person living a sedentary life. Usually, women have less BP than men. Thus, it is not high BP but extra BP, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the system.

What happens when you take pills?

There are different types of anti-hypertensive medications available on the market, ranging from diuretics and alpha-beta blockers to ACE inhibitors. Our body has its own intelligence to maintain health. This works through a series of signal networks throughout the body. This system works in conjunction with hormones and other chemicals released to our system on demand from various centers, including the brain.

When we interfere with the signal system through external agents (drugs), the whole signal system gets disturbed and confused. This will result in the failure to maintain homoeostasis in the body. Organ failure, immune system deficiency, autoimmune disorders and other serious issues start popping up one by one as time advances.

But medications are essential during emergency situations and surgery to save our lives.

Body intelligence will always fight to maintain health. Even if you try to reduce BP, it will again increase BP to supply more nutrients and essentials to the desired tissues. This may not always be true. It can happen due to altered signals, too. Even in that case, reducing BP with medications is not a solution. That is why you have to change the dosage and combinations frequently to reduce your BP.

In our facility, we find out the real cause of hypertension. It may be due to tissue defect, organ defect, insulin resistance, altered signals, psychological causes, life style variations, etc. We use tools like diet, exercise, acupressure/acupuncture, and stress management techniques to treat hypertension. Once the root cause is removed naturally, you will be free from medications forever.


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