Best Diabetes Reversal Treatment in Trivandrum,Kerala (IDRP)

In the light of 26 years of clinical experience, Dr Arun Vasudevan has developed a comprehensive, safe and scientific diabetes treatment(IDRP), one of the best diabetes reversal treatment in Trivandrum to combat the most dreadful
disease and silent killer, the diabetes. He is on a mission to eradicate this menace by providing best diabetes reversal treatment
from India.

What is diabetes ?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in the human body. It starts with the impairment of digestion. We provide  one of the best diabetes treatment in Trivandrum with IDRP, best diabetes reversal treatment in Trivandrum, specially designed for diabetes patients. There are two types of diabetes. Type I is caused by reduced or zero production of insulin inside our body (by pancreas). Type II is mainly due to insulin resistance. In this case insulin is sufficiently produced in the body, but does not function properly due to various reasons. In both cases, abnormal levels of glucose circulate in the blood stream. Dr.Arun Vasudevan’s IDRP is one of the best diabetes reversal treatment in Trivandrum which is highly effective for diabetes patients.

What is Insulin resistance ?

When food is ingested through the mouth, digestion begins. During the process of chewing, the food gets mixed with salivary secretions and then signals are sent to the brain regarding the nature and composition of the food. According to the signals received, brain sends signals to the stomach and digestive glands (liver & pancreas) to produce sufficient quantities of required enzymes. When the chewed food reaches the stomach cavity, the enzymes act upon the food and start breaking it down to simpler substances. This process continues in the small intestine as well. Certain hormones in the intestine decide on the substances and the quantity to be absorbed. The rest is expelled to the large intestine.

Glucose is then absorbed, from the intestine, into the blood stream. Here insulin molecules help glucose enter the muscle cells. The glucose gets converted into energy molecules in the muscle cells. But in patients with insulin resistance, this conversion mechanism fails, resulting in pooling of sugar in large quantities in the blood stream.

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Insulin resistance is caused by several factors.

Diet causes

  1. Intake of Insulin like Growth factor (IGF) containing food stuffs. IGF causes insulin resistance.
  2. Increased acid pH in the body. This may trigger increased inflammatory reaction in the body, Unhealthy food habits and life style can result in this condition.
  3. Excessive fat deposition in the body. Overeating produces excess sugar which in turn will be converted to body fat.
  4. Lack of essential micronutrients in the body. This can be corrected by including sprouts, seeds, green smoothie, soaked nuts and supplements in the diet.

IDRP advocate individualised diet plans for each of its participants. IDRP treatment in Trivandrum is a best treatment for diabetes patients

Exercise related causes

  1. Sedentary life style leads to stagnant lymphatics. Lymphatics is a circulation of body fluids parallel to the blood vessels in the body. Pooling of lymph in various parts of the body increases acid pH of the body.
  2. Lack of muscular strength leads to low intake of sugar from the blood. In normal circumstances, muscle cells can store glucose, 100 times more than that in the blood stream. But, loss of strength of muscles adversely affects the glucose receiving capacity of muscle cells, resulting in insulin resistance.

IDRP has a set of ten simple exercises, through which muscles cells can be toned up to its optimum efficiency. IDRP treatment in Trivandrum is specially designed for diabetes patients

Stress related causes

Sustained stress results in insulin resistance and diabetes. Long standing stress is one of the major causes of diabetes in urban India. Kerala has become the diabetes capital of India. Due to sustained anxiety and stress, people are into a frenzied state of consuming medicines regularly. Over medication can damage liver, pancreas, kidney and other vital organs resulting in insulin resistance. Kerala consumes 33% of medications in India.

A person under stress loses his discriminative power. He loses his memory, intelligence and finally loses his peace of mind. His ability to confide in others will be lost and over a period of time, this mental agitation would result in a disease at the physical level.Read More

IDRP Registration

What is IDRP?

IDRP is a safe, systematic reversal program that create lasting freedom from medications and complications. It’s an innovative, integrated program with complete diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical guidance. It’s a combination of personalized guidance and group therapy. During the treatment period, you will see a drastic change in your physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

IDRP reverses diabetes in 10 stages

First stage- Sugar levels will come down; medications & insulin to continue for 1-2 weeks

Second stage- Sugar levels will come down; medications will be reduced 2-4 weeks

Third stage- Sugar levels will come down; medications & insulin will be stopped - 3-4 months

Fifth stage- Sugar levels will normalize- HbA1C (6-10 ) - 5-6 months

Sixth stage- HbA1C (6-8) - 7-9 months

Seventh stage- HbA1C (6-7) - 9 months

Eighth stage- Complications will start reversing ( Retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy) - 9-12 months

Ninth stage- GTT pass - 10-12 months

Tenth stage- Supreme fitness. -12 months

Diet for diabetes

During the Diabetes Reversal Program (IDRP), Individualised diet will be advised to each patient according to their physical condition. It is advised to have food only when one is really hungry. While taking food, one should be calm and cool. It is advised to chew the food well so that it gets mixed well with saliva before swallowing. Only after it is swallowed, should the next morsel of food be taken.  Drink only small quantities of warm water (1 or 2 mouthfuls) while eating. You can drink more water 30-40 minutes after food. Even while drinking water or liquid food, you should hold it for a few seconds in the mouth cavity before swallowing.


It is advised to avoid all dairy products and foods containing Insulin like growth factor, foods that
increase acid content in the body and foods with high glycaemic index.  
Our motto is Eat only when you are hungry.
It is advised to test your blood sugar frequently when starting this program.
This should ideally be done with the assistance of a learned professional.
If you are diabetic, join IDRP now and save yourself from the deadly silent killer.