Polycystic Ovaries

Polycystic Ovaries

The meaning of the words “Polycystic Ovaries” is Multiple pockets of fluid collection in the ovaries. This indicates that there is defective water metabolism in the bodily system.

What is defective metabolism?

It means water is not properly digested, distributed, utilized and its wastes are excreted; and due to this water accumulates in various organs and tissues and between the cells either as multiple pockets or distributed uniformly.

If it accumulates uniformly, it leads to obesity. Even blood is water loaded and pressure is increased as the blood volume increases.

 Whatever we eat or drink must be digested to individuals suitability and it should be absorbed, utilized and naturalized to his self. On the contrary whatever element in the food or drink which is not suitable to one’s nature should be eliminated as wastes.

Every food one eats is naturalized so that its energy becomes his self. Thus all biological foods are agreeable to the humans and all inorganic chemicals like vitamins, calcium, iron, fluorine, chlorine, magnesium, zinc and such minerals are very poisonous to the self energy. It is always better to avoid these toxic substances , to boost your life energy with each feeding.

After too much exposure to medications , our  life energy falls and our breathing capacity weakens As a result, oxygen levels come down. This leads to disturbance in water metabolism. Due to improper digestion and assimilation of water the body loses the ability to differentiate the waste materials and as a result the water with its wastes gets accumulated in one’s tissues either locally developing into cysts; or uniform bloating of the body.

This condition is  termed as poly cystic kidneys, poly cystic ovaries, poly cystic lungs etc.

Polycystic Ovaries