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Best Diabetes Treatment in Trivandrum,Kerala

Home | Best Diabetes Treatment in Trivandrum | Kerala, We’re so glad you found us ! We are here to help you achieve enduring health, ease, and well-being. We provide with one of the best diabetes treatment in Trivandrum. IDRP is an efficient & best diabetes reversal treatment in Trivandrum

For all your health care needs.

Many people find that a holistic approach to wellness, combining acupuncture and other alternatives/complementary therapies with modern medical practices if necessary, promotes healing, renewed vitality, increased energy levels and an overall sense of well-being.

Whether interested in exploring the benefits of acupuncture, alternative and traditional medicines as Read More



top online diabetes reversal programme in kerala IDRP treatment in trivandrum | Kerala | Online | Diabetes Treatment in Trivandrum | Kerala | Online

Save World Without Drugs

We incorporate various natural healing methods to ensure cure for most of the lifestyle diseases crippling the modern world.


This is an art of curing diseases by using needles or placing the index finger on the surface of the skin, on particular points, along the meridians or energy pathways in our body. To diagnose the imbalance of panchabhootas in our body, we use the ancient Naadi System. According to ancient Indian system of medicine, disproportion of five elements (panchabhootas) is the cause of diseases.


It is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles or finger, pressure is applied Read More


Certain common herbs available may also be used during certain phases of the Read More


In some, homeopathic medications may also be used, for better results.


Simple and effective exercises (individually tailored) will be advised to Read More

Stress busters

Simple breathing techniques and meditation along with inner transformation      Read More

Diet plan

According to the nature, duration and severity of illness, individual diet plans Read More



Dr Arun Vasudevan
Founder director IDRP


IDRP, TKD Road, Muttada PO, Trivandrum.

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