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About Us


Dr Arun Vasudevan ( founder of IDRP) has been practising alternative medicine for the last 26 years. He graduated in Homeopathy from Kerala University, post graduated from Ulster University (UK) and obtained Diploma in Acupuncture from Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine. We reverse life style diseases within a specified period of time using standard treatment protocols. Diabetes type II reversal programs are also conducted on a monthly basis in our facility IDRP, in Trivandrum.

Our Mission

According to recent health statistics, Kerala is the capital of diabetes, heart disease and mental illnesses. In view of the prevailing situation, our centre  launched several treatment plans for the affected.

IDRP provide one of the best diabetes reversal programs in Trivandrum, Kerala. In IDRP, we have individual as well as family health care plans for families suffering from hereditary diseases.  We encourage such families to enrol into one of our Preventive programs to check the advancement of hereditary diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, rheumatism etc. Our mission is to reverse one lakh diabetes and similar lifestyle diseases in our community, within a span of 5 years.

The life style of urban society has undergone a drastic change in the last 20-30 years. As a result, we lost the innate ability to discriminate between what is good and bad for health. We forgot to identify the language of our body.

Instead of responding to the needs of the body, we started imposing our greed on our system, which gradually lead to the development of crippling diseases.

We are not happy with what we have and not satisfied with what we have already received. We need more and more and more. Can’t even enjoy what we have, but in the anxiety to earn more, we forget to enjoy life with what we have already.

IDRP focuses on re-educating our fellow beings about how to listen to the language of our body, how to differentiate between one’s self and his mind, how to silence the mind and ignite one’s healing powers and how to enjoy the power of freedom in one’s life.

All life style diseases can be cured without medications. Our motto is save world without drugs.

In our facility, we utilise all the modern technological advancements in modern medicine for disease diagnosis, evaluation, prognosis and deciding the protocol for individual patients.

According to ancient medicine, our body has got an intelligence and it knows how to protect itself. This intelligence or life energy flows through energy channels in our body. There are access points in our skin to these energy channels. Any alteration or block in these channels indicate disease condition. By stimulating these acupuncture/naadi points, we can balance the energy flow. By clearing the blocks, our organ systems and glands will start functioning normally.

Now a days the health care sector has grown into a multi billion business and started taking over governments. Common people who work on daily wages are now afraid to go to a Hospital.  It might cost him his hard earned money saved for his daughters marriage and even his house.

In our facility, we offer treatment at affordable costs. The initial consultation will last approximately 45 minutes and includes a thorough review of the patient’s current status and future goals. Follow-up consultations will last approximately 30 minutes per session. Treatment protocol may vary according to individual health status.

After the completion of the program, the patient will be completely free from medications with rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

A Few Words About Acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (TCM) has been used for at least 6,000 years to balance the body and promote its natural ability to heal. It is a safe treatment that looks to address the root cause of symptoms and is tailored for you as an individual, focusing on the body and mind as a whole. There is plenty of ongoing evidence-based research to show the effectiveness of acupuncture to treat a variety of conditions from simple migraines to complex metabolic disorders like diabetes.

Two types of acupuncture are in use. In the old system, acupuncture needles are used. Very fine, single-use, sterile needles are inserted below the skin to stimulate acupuncture points, these are located on acupuncture meridians or channels. The treatment is painless, but you may experience some tingling or numbness, and many people feel very relaxed during the treatment.

We also practice needleless acupuncture (Acutouch). In this method we use finger tips to gently touch the acupuncture points instead of needle. Proves equally efficient in managing diseases.

Depending on the nature of the issue being treated and how chronic it is, a number of sessions may be required. We will develop a personal treatment plan during the first consultation, which will be reviewed as sessions progress.

Cupping is another Chinese Medicine technique that involves placing glass jars, in which a vacuum has been created on the body. Rather like a reverse massage, the cups create suction on the muscles, allowing increased flow of blood, fluid and Qi, relieving tension, releasing toxins and clearing stagnation. Massage oils can be used with cupping to stimulate the muscles and acupuncture meridians. Acupuncture and cupping are often combined.

Moxa involves the burning of small amounts of specialised herbs near acupuncture points. The burning herb stimulates the points and warms the body, and is particularly beneficial for chronic conditions. Moxa can be used by itself or with acupuncture needles.


Dr Arun Vasudevan
Founder director IDRP


IDRP, TKD Road, Muttada PO, Trivandrum.

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