Hypertension, say no to pills !!

What is Blood Pressure?

The best hypertension treatment in Trivandrum, Blood Pressure is meant to maintain arterial pressure to sustain nutritional supply to those organs or tissues that are weak and strained.

Suppose there is a defect in the stomach, spleen or kidneys, The organ concerned need more nutrition that has to be supplied by way of extra blood circulation to the affected bodily organs. To meet this, the force of contraction and the volume of blood pumped out of the heart each time it beats is higher than normal, resulting in extra blood pressure. \

Thus it is not high BP, but Extra BP, which is necessary for the ailing organs to regain its normal functional ability.

As the extra nutrition arrives by way of BP rise, the strain and weakness in the organ concerned gets cured eventually. Thus, when there is no more need for extra blood, the extra blood pressure falls back to normal.

What happens when you take pills?

If you reduce your BP through medicines by interfering with the heart’s natural function, the reverse of what is told above happens, causing the weakness in an organ to grow worse and in a vicious cycle the BP rises uncontrollably and devastates the normal functioning of the heart and the organs remotely related to it for nutrition.

Not only that, gradually other organs and tissues will become defective, since the anti BP medicines reduces the whole body BP , making every tissue in the body grow weaker and disease prone.

To supply nutrition to these organs the BP has to rise again multifold. This is the reason why as days go by, the BP patients are never cured of the diseases of the heart but worsened until myocardial infarction occurs or until they die of massive heart attack. best hypertension treatment in Trivandrum

best hypertension treatment in Trivandrum