What a conceived mother should do when they experience morning sickness?

What is morning sickness ?

Morning sickness is due to revamped immune system relating to the function of the blood forming, blood destruction and the elimination function of the products of the destroyed blood cells. The organs involved in this system are the spleen, the bone arrow, the lymph node, the lungs, the liver, the brain cells, and various connective tissues of muscles and so on. In short the whole body system is involved. The entire body immune system revolts against the deadly blood toxins lying low in all these tissues. best pregnancy treatment in Trivandrum

The immune system is rejuvenated by the growing new life energy in the uterus of the mother. Sudden influx of these deadly bloody materials into liver for detoxification is met with great difficulty and struggling. The resultant transient accumulation of bile content causes a physiological jaundice like situation.  The symptoms being loss of taste, distaste, loss of appetite, retching, vomiting, total asthenia, weakness of muscles and bones, malaise, body pain etc.

Wherever these symptoms are felt, the bloody dead products in its various stages of incomplete metabolism begins to proceed towards their elimination and there by protect the mother from all future diseases. Morning sickness is a cleansing process.

What a conceived mother should do when they experience morning sickness?

Total abstinence from water and foods in general until such time the thirst for water appears. When thirst appears , it indicates that digestion of water has started coming back. Now you may start taking water in sips and teaspoonfuls. Do not gulp down in full glass. You may take plenty of water slowly. That is all you have to do. The morning sickness is cured. best pregnancy treatment in Trivandrum

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Following this the appetite will start. Take only bland food. Avoid addition of ingredients for taste such as ketch up, sauces, spices etc. Do not take full heavy meals but in piece meals (a bite or two would be sufficient).  Within one or two days you will get rid of your morning sickness. Thereafter you may proceed with your normal food.

Administering drugs ( anti emetic drugs) would put down your immune system. Anti-histamine drugs, such as pyridoxine may cause renal damage and lower the immunity.

When the chemicals & toxins accumulate beyond tolerable limits, the whole system will start reacting against the anti vomiting drugs, and the IV drugs. It may also lead to kidney function deterioration causing situations that would advise medically induced termination of pregnancy (abortion).