Psoriasis: Cure without pills !!!

What is psoriasis?

In certain people under certain conditions, toxins get accumulated in the cells of the skin and its underlying integuments. The immune reaction of our defense system gears up to clear the toxins. The dead cells thus formed heap up under the skin. This debris peels off the outer layers of the skin. This is psoriasis.

Until the toxins are cleared from the skin structure the process is a continuous one towards health. It is not good for our health to counter this natural action by medications.

Some therapeutic systems which accentuates the the normal process of healing may sometimes goes beyond the ability to bear. But we always forget that natural process of cure which is well within our capacity to bear is already going on.

Cure without pills

Acu touch is the system of removing the blocks in natural healing process of our body by stimulating the acupuncture points using finger tip.
No pills, no external applications, no dieting !!

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