What is diabetes ?

diabetes cure | Trivandrum, Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, related to sugar metabolism in the human body. When the blood sugar level rises above the standard, we call it diabetes.  It is not a life long illness. It is otherwise called as insulin resistance. It can be reversed by removing the causes of insulin resistance.

Certain substances present in our daily food intake may cause insulin resistance. Growth hormone like substances present in milk, certain chemicals present in wheat, etc cause insulin resistance. Acid-forming foods like meat, eggs, etc also increase insulin resistance. High-fat food will also cause insulin resistance. In IDRP, diet is carefully chosen to eliminate these harmful chemicals. During the first stages of reversal, all fat fat stored in muscle cells , liver and other areas in our body will be flushed out.

In the first stage, we will ensure that lean fat is removed from the muscle tissue. Excess deposition of Adipose tissue will be removed in the later stages of reversal using combined diet and exercise techniques.

lack of micronutrients also causes insulin resistance. so foods containing micronutrients should be included in the diet for reversal of diabetes.

Lack of exercise or sedentary life style also increase acid levels in the body, promotes inflammation and causes insulin resistance. Flabby muscles and less movement causes lymph stagnation, which in turn increases inflammatory changes in the body. Exercise should be designed according to the body structure and physical condition of the individual. Exercises should be targeted to specific muscle groups and need to be changed during every shift in the stage of diabetes reversal.

During the early stages of diabetes reversal, fat removal is the main target. During the later stages, toning up of muscles and fitness are targeted.

Acupressure points in the hands and legs are used to stimulate the life energy meridians in our body . The energy blocks in the acupuncture channels cause an imbalance of five elements, which affects the functioning of various glands, including pancreas and thyroid.

In the modern world, people live in permanent stress. This triggers increased secretion of stress hormones like cortisol, catecholamines, vasopressin, gonadotrophins, thyroid hormones (decrease), etc. Sustained stress results in insulin resistance and high fat deposition, leading to obesity. 30–405 percent of all diabetics suffer from depression and related adjustment issues. Meditation Yoga and mindfulness will help us live without stress and enjoy life situations. diabetes cure | Trivandrum

What is IDRP ?

diabetes cure | Trivandrum, Intensive Diabetes Reversal Program is a safe, systematic reversal program that create lasting freedom from medications and complications.

Its an innovative, integrated program with complete diet, exercise, acupressure and stress busters. Its a combination of personalised guidance and group therapy. Diabetes is reversed in different stages. In each stage diet patterns and exercise patterns will change according to the individual demands. During this progarm, you will improve your physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions.

IDRP reverses diabetes in 10 stages. diabetes cure | Trivandrum

First stage- Sugar levels – decrease- medications & insulin same 1-2 weeks

Second stage- Sugar levels decrease- medications reduced- 2-4 weeks

Third stage- Sugar levels decrease- medications & insulin stop- 3-4 months

Fifth stage- Sugar levels decrease- HbA1C (6-10 )                     – 5-6 months

Sixth stage- HbA1C (6-8) – 7-9 months

Seventh stage- HbA1C (6-7)- 9 months

Eighth stage- start reversing complications ( Retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy)- 9-12 months

Ninth stage- GTT pass- 10-12 months

Tenth stage- Supreme fitness. 12 months

diabetes cure | Trivandrum

Why should there be more sugar in blood?

  The main cause of abnormal levels of blood sugar is not due to insufficient functioning of pancrease. In certain conditions, even if there is normal insulin secretion from the pancrease, the glucose molecules wont be able to enter the muscle cells. This condition is called insulin resistance. This will result in excess glucose molecules circulating in the blood stream. The muscles cells can store glucose 100 times than that of blood. If sufficient quantity of glucose is not entering the muscle cells, human body will not get sufficient quantity of energy (ATP molecules) to conduct its normal functioning.

 What is Insulin resistance ?

Simply put, after digestion in the stomach, glucose is absorbed into the blood stream. Insulin acts like a guide to direct the glucose molecules into the muscle cells. Normally the glucose molecules can enter the muscle cells in the presence of insulin. We get energy from glucose molecules. In the muscle cells glucose is used to create energy (ATP) molecules.  But in this case, it doesnt happen. This condition is called insulin resistance.  According to studies conducted in this area, certain substances called Insulin likegrowth factor (IGF) is a major cause of insulin resistance.

Role of pancrease

In type I diabetes, there will be reduced or no function of pancrease occurs. This condition may happen due to various causes including, genetical, external factors like medications, exposure to radiation,injury, auto immune diseases, tumor etc. In type II diabetes, also functioning of pancrease is affected, but as a result of various other factors like diet, exercise and stress. By regulating these factors, we can bring back the pancreae to normal functioning level.

Diet causes

Insulin resistance can occur due to four major diet related issues.

  1. Intake of Insuline like Growth factor containing food stuff
  2. Increased acid pH in the body resulting in over all inflammatory condition of the body, due to certain food habits and life style issues.

3.Excesive fat deposition in the body.Exces sugar will be converted to fat.

  1. Lack of essential micronutrients in the body.

IDRP has tailored diet programs for each of its participants.

Exercise related causes

  1. Sedentary life style will lead to stagnant lymphatics. Stuck up lymph will increase acid pH of the body. This leads to diabetes.
  2. Lack of muscular strength lead to low intake of sugar from the blood. This results in diabetes.

IDRP has a set of ten simple exercises,through which muscles cells can be returned to normal functioning.

Stress related causes

Stress hormones promote insulin resistance and diabetes. Long standing stress is one of the major causes of diabetes in urban India. Kerala has become the diabetis capital of India. The people of Kerala consumes 33% of medications that the whole India consumes. This is also one of the reasons of stress.

When a person is under stress, he loses descrimination. He doesnt know what is good for him, what is to be avoided. He will lose his memory and intelligence. He will do all kind of foolish things to cover up this. He may succeed in accruing wealth and fame, but he will feel a frightening vaccuum/emptiness inside. He will not be able to confess to anyone or rather there will be nobody for him to open up. This will be reflected in his body as disease.

There are simple and foolproof techniques to identify and eliminate the stress factors from ones life. 5 minutes Meditation and 2 minute breathing techniques will help to increase self power. We teach such  techniques to those who join our IDRP ( Intensive Diabetes Reversal Program).

Warning signs

In the beginning, the metabolism will become slower and slower. Due to accumulation of excess toxins (unwanted elements), body try to eliminate toxins and starts eliminating the digestate in the stomach and intestine. Durng this process +appetite will come down.Gaseousness fills up the stomach and the intestine. There will be constant belching with heart burn and acidity becoming a constant and troublesome feature. There will be distaste in the mouth and constant sour feeling in the tongue. Sometimes there will be retching and vomiting.

All these symptoms are the fore runners of the impending full fledged diabetes in the next 10 years. If at all you want to prevent the diabetes, act here during these 10 years of grace period, starting from the time when you notice for the first time, the beginning of any of the symptoms mentioned above, among your family members.

Food habits for diabetics

 During the Diabetes Reversal Program (IDRP), Individualised diet will be advised to each patient according to their physical condition. 

We advise to have food only when you are really hungry. While taking food, you should be calm and cool, take enough time to chew and mix the food with saliva, turn it into a paste and then swallow. Only after it is swallowed, next morsal of food should enter the mouth cavity. 

One should learn to close the mouth while chewing to convert mouth into a chamber which facilitates proper mixing of saliva and food. Even while drinking water or liquid food, you should hold it for a few seconds in the mouth cavity before swallowing. 


We advise to avoid all diary products and foods containing Insulin like growth factor, foods that increase acid content in the body and foods having high glycemic index.

Our motto is to eat only when you are hungry.

You need to test your blood sugar frequently when starting this diet and lower your medication. This should ideally be done with the assistance of an learned professional.  If you are diabetic, join IDRP now, save yourself from the deadly silent killer, get rid of medications and reduce your health care costs.