Migraine ... Cure without drugs !!

best treatment for migration in trivandrum, Migraine headaches are caused by excessive dilation of the cerebral blood vessels, though scientists do not fully understand what causes the dilation in the first place. Blood vessels don’t just dilate spontaneously; they are presumably responding to chemical changes that are occurring in the body.

How does it happen?

An Acutouch physician or holistic medical doctor will want to take a complete medical, family, menstrual, and diet history before considering the cause of migraine. Some of the illnesses to be ruled out are bowel problems, mold allergies, vitamin deficiencies, hypertension, TMJ misalignment, food allergies or intolerances, dehydration, spinal subluxations, coffee/caffeine intoxication, and aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal, wafers, cream biscuits) toxicity, among others. All of these problems can cause migraine symptoms and can usually be treated without the use of drugs. best treatment for migration in trivandrum

Medicines triggering migraine !!

Paradoxical as it may seem, a surprising percentage of migraine headaches may be caused by migraine medication. The “rebound effect” of analgesic and ergotomine compounds has been implicated as a contributing factor for sufferers of daily headaches. Discuss this phenomenon with your doctor if you are taking more than 30 analgesic tablets a month or if you regularly use ergotamine derivatives. Withdrawal from these products can temporarily make headaches worse, but eliminating these products altogether may ultimately mean no more headaches —ever.

Patience counts !!

Migraines can be agonizing, debilitating, and scary. The inclination to “make the pain go away now” can, ironically, be an obstacle to curing the pain. Migraines do not just happen—they are not a random occurrence. They are your body interacting with its environment. Explore your environment to determine what is upsetting your internal balance, and you can learn how to control your headaches and prevent them from ever recurring.

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Migraine headaches may be precipitated by a variety of factors called "triggers”:

  • Hunger (missed meals) or inappropriate eating habits like eating without hunger.
  • Drinking alcohol (especially red wine)
  • Eating foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG), or that are high in caffeine (coffee, tea, colas) or nitrates and nitrites (preserved meats), or contain tyramine (aged cheeses, chocholates)
  • Menstruation or oral contraception use
  • Getting too little or too much sleep
  • Stress in your work and personal life
  • Factors in the environment, such as glaring lights, strong smells, weather change. Two conditions found to exist in a high proportion of people who have migraines are depression and anxiety, though the reason for this is unclear. Doctors have also observed that in people who have cardiovascular disease, there is a slightly increased incidence of migraine. Also, many people who have conditions with nasal and sinus inflammation appear to have migraines as well.
  • Certain medical events may also put a person at risk for migraine, among them are trauma to the brain from head or neck injury, and infections or hemorrhages in the brain. In addition, certain medications can begin a headache pattern that can become migraine-like in nature.

What is Acutouch going to do for you?

Acutouch Healing is a single source of treatment that works beyond the textbook – addressing you as an individual. It is suitable and safe for both adults and children and can help you to achieve a heightened level of results.

Acutouch Healing uses dynamic techniques that can pinpoint the root cause of your issues. It addresses the entwinement of your mind & body and how each affects the other.

Treatment can enable you to: recover from long-term chronic and difficult symptoms like migraine, backache, move you beyond your blockages and enhance recovery levels.

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