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Key Program Benefits:

Personalized guidance is implemented in a phase-wise manner!

Personalized guidance includes dedicated doctor support for reporting sugar levels and getting your insulin or medicine dose adjusted through the mobile app (for 1 year), live practice sessions on alternate days for the first 4 months, diet, exercise, stress consultations, monitoring, and mentoring support. Practice sessions will be for the first 4 months and later on your own. These will be 30–60 minutes in duration.

Group chat for continuous education, inspiration, and support. IDRP registration form

You can join this program directly. The introductory session will be free and must be completed before the first group session!


  • Direct reporting to a dedicated IDRP doctor.
  • Dedicated Diet and Exercise Experts for regular guidance.
  • Stress consultations by stress experts.
  • Monitor progress at monthly intervals.
  • Mentor to motivate in the initial 2-3 months.
  • Group Chat in 2-time slots
  • Recorded group and practice sessions will be available.

IDRP, TKD Road, Muttada PO, Trivandrum.

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