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Can you get rid of Type I Diabetes ..!!?

September 6, 2022 9:41 am Published by Leave your thoughts

                                                                                    Can you get rid of Type I Diabetes..!?

There are about 40 different types of diabetes. Simply put, the two main types are Type I diabetes (juvenile diabetes and insulin-dependent diabetes) and Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes can be managed by slight changes in the diet, some sort of exercise, and stress management. But in type I diabetes, all the beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed for some reason. It is commonly seen in children but is also seen among adults. It is more common in children below 15 years of age.

                                                                      The mothers and fathers come and cry, saying that their kid was okay till now, was the topper, was engaged in all sports and activities, and was veCan you get rid of Type I Diabetes ..!!?ry vibrant, not overweight, not eating too much junk food, and suddenly one day my child became sick. He or she started passing a lot of urine, drinking lots of water, going to the toilet every now and then, several times at night, having terrible hunger, keeping on eating more and more, and still, instead of gaining weight, the child is becoming thin and weak. Suddenly one day the child started vomiting, and we took her to the hospital.

After going through the investigation reports, the doctor said the child’s blood sugar is 460. We couldn’t even believe it because both of us are not diabetic, and our kids grandparents are also not diabetic. Suddenly, how can the child get diabetes? There is something wrong with the findings. So we went to another lab. But by this time, the blood sugar had again shot up to 540 because of the anxiety and tension. The child was almost in a coma. The child was admitted to the hospital. They started giving IVs and insulin.

We thought that after a week or so, the child would be alright and wouldn’t need any medications. But the doctor told us that the child has to take insulin for life, four times a day, if the child has to be alive. If you stop the insulin, the child will die. What is happening to us? What did we do wrong? They started crying.

The child has diabetes type I. Suddenly, something went wrong. What really happens is that suddenly, one day, our bodies get confused. The signals that control the immune system get disoriented.

Usually, white blood cells act as soldiers and destroy particles, agents, viruses, and bacteria (antigens) that enter our body from outside. This is what we call an immune mechanism. Due to certain sudden changes in the genetic pattern of the cells (mutation) in the child, the white cells or the immune cells will start attacking his or her own cells. This is called auto-immune disease. If it affects the pancreas, we call it Type I diabetes; if it affects the thyroid, we call it autoimmune thyroiditis.

In such cases, when the immune cells see the beta cells of the pancreas, they get confused, think that it is our enemy, and start attacking and destroying it. Slowly, it will destroy all the beta cells in the pancreas. Then there will be no insulin secretion. There are many hormones in our body that can increase sugar levels, but only one hormone can decrease them. That’s insulin. But if the insulin levels come down, the sugar levels go very high. By this time, polyuria (passing urine more frequently), polyphagia (ravenous hunger), and polydipsia (burning thirst) have set in.

In normal people, even if they eat a lot of sugar, insulin is powerful enough to maintain normal levels of glucose. The same is the case in fasting, too. During fasting, even if you don’t eat food for a few days, the sugar levels will remain normal. Our body mechanisms are so powerful and efficient.

Certain broad-spectrum medications (steroids) given for allergic diseases like asthma, dermatitis, rheumatism, psychiatric issues, and sneezing also cause Type I diabetes. Certain studies show that children who have a particular genetic make-up (HLA pattern) are more likely to get this type of diabetes.

After the invention of insulin in 1921, people stopped dying due to type I diabetes. Even if you have type I diabetes, it is not the end of the world. People live more than 90 years with type I diabetes. As a kid, you have to do investigations on the functioning of the eyes, kidneys, liver, and heart at least once a year.

If the child’s parents or grandparents have diabetes, then you should check it once more. Your child may be suffering from MODY (maturity-onset diabetes in young people). In that case, you can avoid insulin.

In our body, there are certain types of cells that can manifest into any other type of cell. It has the ability to transform into nerve cells, thyroid cells, blood cells, T cells, liver cells, glandular cells, pancreatic cells, or any other form. These types of cells are called stem cells and are found in our bone marrow. But due to some signal blocks, it is not working in diseased individuals.

Acupressure or acupuncture works on energy channels in our system and corrects blocked or disrupted signal pathways. Balancing the signal pathways will restore the normal functioning of the cells in our tissues and organs. Even though the B cells are destroyed by the altered immune mechanism, new beta cells can be created by stimulating the stem cell conversion process. Numerous studies are going on on this subject.

If you or your child are suffering from Type I diabetes, it is better to join an alternative system management program along with the conventional treatment. The chances of getting rid of insulin are much higher. Within the first six months, you can reduce the dosage and frequency of insulin administration. In IDRP, we conduct one-year diabetes reversal programs for type II diabetes and the management of type I diabetes. Visit us as early as possible.

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Thanks and regards.
Dr. Arun Vasudevan, BHMS, MBS (UK), D.Acu.

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