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Cure Diabetes without drugs

April 9, 2020 4:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Cure Diabetes without drugs

The condition diabetes occurs not because of the malfunctioning of pancreas or islets of Langerhans as commonly believed. It is actually related to the improper functioning of the digestive system, signal systems and problems in the muscle cells.  Type II Diabetes is essentially a muscle disease at the cellular level. Glucose absorbed from the small intestine could not enter the muscle cells even in the presence of insulin. This is termed as insulin resistance.

When a person takes food without actually feeling hungry, the ingested food does not get  properly digested and toxic products are formed. The body does not get enough energy out of this. The hormones responsible for the homeostasis starts malfunctioning due to wrong signals from the brain. The body lose the ability to recognise, what is to be absorbed or expelled. Loss of satiety is another symptom caused by the signal imbalance. The whole signal network related to digestive system gets upset.

Negative thoughts or emotions also affect the functioning of our digestive system. For example if a hungry person  hears a negative message, suddenly his hunger disappears. Similarly a person suffering from severe physical pain may become moody. So any problem with the mind gets reflected in the body and vice-versa. It shows that negative emotions and sustained stress can have a significant role in the development of Diabetes.

This condition can be cured without any medications or supplements, by rewiring the entire energy network by acupuncture. It should be managed at the cellular level. Acupuncture/acupressure along with proper diet, exercise and stress management will free diabetics from medications and fear forever.

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